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Petroliana enthusiasts are able to enjoy the vintage look for their pumps with our reproduction items!

~ Clear Glass Cylinders

~ Tinted Glass Cylinders ~ Blue ~ Purple ~ Amber
~ Etching Available ~ Custom ~ Replica ~ Painted 
~ Crowns ~ Shell Clam Globes
~ Globe Bodies ~ Steel ~ 13.5" DIA  ~ 15" DIA

~ Milk Glass Globe Bodies ~ Wide ~ Narrow
~ Faces ~ Tags ~ Pricer Insets ~
Custom Tags

~ Custom Apparel

A little about us…………

..........Been collecting and restoring Petroliana for years, but like every

other restortation enthusiast, there were always parts that couldn’t be found.

There is a saying that “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

SO TRUE....Because it was frustration born out of necessity that helped

create  Petro Nuts.